2013 What IF… Festival

2013 What If Festival


Interactive Festival Experiences






1. Ditch playing in Ditches, City of Colorado Springs

2. Fire! City of CS Fire Dept

3. Slingshot Water Balloon Catapult, Lockheed Martin

4. Experience 3D TV, Xfinity

5. Vehiculart & Kooky Conveyances, Artocade Festival

6. Dino Might, Dinosaur Resource Center

7. People Powered Music Stage, Mobile Music Project

8. Dance Your Way Through the Festival, The Colorado Academy of Music and Dance

9. What the Heck is a Mushroom?, Green Cities Coalition Local Foods Group

10. External House Fire Deterrent, House Hydrant Systems

11. The Athlete in Me, Front Range Orthopaedics and D1 Sports Performance

12. Cardboard & Blanket Imagine-a-Fort, Concrete Couch

13. iPad Apps and Fun with Science, Colorado Technical University

14. Cycle Differently, Cycle Differently

15. Signs For Life – Solar Mobile Classroom, City of Colorado Springs

16. Joy-emitting LED Hula Hoops, Colorado Hula Hoops

17. Coolest-Hottest Sunglasses, Imagination Celebration

19. Festival Collectibles and Cool Creatives, What IF…Festival

20. Community Cycling, My Handlebar

21. Tinker Station and Paper Creations, iSpace at the Citadel

22. Artists Exposed (Reasonably Clothed), Liese and Kris Chavez

23. Make a Giant Bubble, Millibo Art Theatre

24. Your Art in Chalk, Studio 101

25. KYDS Radio Theater, Focus on the Family

26. Extraordinary Light Painting, elope

27. Global Sound Lab with Xanthe!, 432nd Street Productions

27A. Hats Off for Colorful Colorado, Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning

28. Festival Photo Central, CC Photography Club

29. Tesla Magic, Colorado Springs Utilities

30. Imagination Playground, Buell Children’s Museum

31. Beauty on the Wing, Colorado Springs Utilities

32. In the Booth, On the Radio, Classical 88.7 KCME-FM

33. A September Snow Show…Come GetOutfitted, GetOutfitted

34. Hear Without Your Ears, Cochlear Americas

35. Elevate your Imagination, Woodland Park School District RE 2

36. Theater Games, Dragon Theatre Productions

36A. Possibilitarian Jewelry Making, Lindseymade Originals

37. Fingerprints and Brain Games, Colorado Technical University

38. Beat the Computer and Robot Escape, Colorado Technical University

39. You Look Hot! Thermal Camera Photobooth, City of Colorado Springs

40. Crinkling Paper with Legos, Bricks 4 Kidz

40A. BMX Demos

41. Discover Downtown, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs

42. The One and Only Ivan, All Pikes Peak Reads/Pikes Peak Library District

43. Wonders of Water, Girl Scouts of Colorado

44. JIJI Loves Math, Co Spgs School District 11

45. Be Constructive-LEGO Experience, YoungBotBuilders, LLC

46. Move To the Music, Performing Arts for Youth Org and CS Dance Theatre

47. Public Market Project, Colorado Springs Public Market Project

48. Sustainable Ranching, Ranchlands Learing and Research Center, Chico Basin Ranch

49A. Rewarding Scavenger Hunt/Info Booth, Xfinity

50. Art on the Street (and Sidewalk), Imagination Celebration

51. Drive Safely. Tag, You’re It, Tag N Go

52. Engaging with Broadcast, KRDO Radio

53. Clay By Hand, Co Spgs School District 11

54. Clayfest, The Prequel, Business of Art Center/ Clayfest

55A. Ashes to Art, Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Artist: Steve Weed

56A. Artful Robotic Contraptions, Artist: Gary Weston

57A. Rube Goldberg, Collaborate to create a complex contraption

55. Ancestor Detective, Pikes Peak Library District

56. Walk Through Time…Backwards, Pikes Peak Library District

57. The Last Name Game, Pikes Peak Library District

58. Old Home Investigator, Pikes Peak Library District

59. Step Into Your Imagination, Pikes Peak Library District

60. Innovation and Change: Experiencing the Written Word, Heinlein Group – Heinlein Publishing Services

61. Funnies Reels, CodeBaby

62. Connect Colorado Springs, KiwiConnect

63. 3D Printers: One of the Cool Tools at the 21st Century Library, Pikes Peak Library District

64. WALDSTERBEN: Sudden Aspen Decline, Artist De Lane Bredbik

65. Uplifting Alleyways, Artist Sean O’Meallie

66. Fruit Pianos and Play Dough Drumsets, Center for STEM Education, UCCS

67. Vision 2050, CS Regional Business Alliance

68. Ping Pong Particle Physics, Cool Science

69. Innovation Challenges and Contenders, UCCS Bachelor of Innovation and Giberson Elementary School, Harrison District 2

70. Creating a Visual Environment, GOCA121

71. The Magic of Digital Art, Aldana Zanetta

72. Become an Artist!, COPPeR

73. Bountiful Beer Garden, Bristol Brewing

74. Free Coffee!, (For early festival attendees) The Coffee Exchange

75. Unleash Your Adventure, UpaDowna

76. The Olympic Experience, US Olympic Committee

77. Help Create a Collective Vision, Colorado Springs Manifesto Project

78. Barter! Trade! Exchange!, Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission

79. Libererez L’Art (Unleash the Art), The Mural Project of Colorado Springs

80. Know Your Water, Colorado Springs Utilities

81. Youth Water Stewardship, Fountain Creek Watershed Greenway Fund

82. Leaky Colorado and Capturing Solar Energy, Catamount Institute

83. Prism Experience Center, Century Link

84. Science Extravaganza, USAFA STEM Outreach Club

84A. Be a DJ, Sand Creek High School Electronic Music Club

85. Flying Sculpture: Post Card to the Elements, Pikes Peak Arts Council and HeA.R.T. of Colorado

86. Edible Food Forest, Pikes Peak Permaculture

87. Songs and Games to Play Around the Campfire, Mueller State Park

88. Intergeneration Celebration: Family Quilt, Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum

89. Intergeneration Celebration: Family History, Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum

90. See What You Hear, Colorado Springs Youth Symphony and Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale

91. Spin Art Spectacular, Early Connections Learning Centers

92. Bboy, Popping, Locking and Movements Jam, Kaleidoscope Dance Project

93. Toys, Demos, Science and Art, School Crossing and Toy Station

94. Robot Tossing Disc, Cougars Gone Wired, Coronado HS

95. Artistic Newspaper Bins, CS Independent

96. Wind Sock Koi, AspenPointe

96A. Worm Biomes and Caring for the Earth, Blue Skies Exploration Academy

97. Hankering for Space?, US Space Foundation

98. Trail Building to Benefit All, Trail Building to Benefit All

99. Imagination Celebration

100 …and more!

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