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Why participate in What IF… Festival?mag5e5-whatifpt1014What IF… is for everyone! Small businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits,
clubs, teams, individuals, or a couple of buddies with a great idea!

The community interacts with you in a new, unique, and positive way.

Interactive experiences increase the public’s involvement with you, your organization, or your group.

You are seen as an innovator, collaborator, and a promoter of creativity in our region.

You are promoted in the festival guides, online, and in print.

You help to build community, local economic development, and a day of JOY and WOWs for thousands of people!

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Festival Participation Links:

Present a Festival Experience or Interactive Booth

Food Vendor Application   

Local Foods Market – Food, Foodways, Gardens, Application

Participate in Chalk It Up Challenge!

Be A Festival Sponsor

Be A Festival Volunteer

 Want to participate, but don’t have an idea? Contact us!

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Participate! You’ll be helping thousands of people:

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